Sønning Music Performance


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Sønning Music Performance

About our company and the artistic director

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Sønning Music Performance

About our company and the artistic director

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Sønning Music Performance, SMP, established in 1994, in Oslo, Norway.
Address: Kjetilsvei 3a, 0494 Oslo Norway
Artistic director: Andreas Sønning. Cel ph. +47 90123032. E-mail:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Managing director: Anne Berthe Sønning. Cel. ph. +47 95805611. E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Company has since 2008 produced around100 -120 performances each year. Over the years, we have done productions in more than 20 countries. In 2015 we have occasional assignments in 15 countries through our partners across sectors.

SMP does so- called hand sewn cultural productions for different target groups and events, from small to large formats. This includes analyzes based on:

1. Text, context, the object/function of the project/mission

2. Production; technically / management / funding

3. Performance, overall solution, the dramaturgical choices, visualized by a production sheet.

4. Audience characteristics/experiences. What we can we know in advance? How do we prepare for and how do we analyze response from audience groups during the performance and afterwards?

Consideration of communication in different formats and channels: Live, CD, radio, TV, Internet / social media

SMP does productions that cover different genres and art expressions as music, text, drama, dance and multimedia (visual tools as projected scenography and light design). This is why we co-operate in a close network of partners from the different parts in the cultural life internationally.

SMP has digitalized a substantial video documentation from the most important of their productions after 1997. This is both a library for the creative history of SMP, and it provides examples for dramaturgical decisions when developing and presenting ideas for new productions.

SMP` s are connected to long term partnerships with The Telenor company (from 1994), Nordea (from 2008) and Total E&P Exploration Norway (from 1997). In addition, SMP has regularly done productions for Norwegian authorities, such as governmental ministries, counties and The Municipality of Oslo, for productions both in Norway and abroad. For Oslo connected to large format jubilees and events in the Town Hall and special cooperation programs for The Oslo Region such as St. Petersburg, Gothenburg, Schleswig Holstein and Gifu prefecture (Japan).

SMP / Andreas Sønning has directed productions performed in all the Scandinavian countries, Finland, Island, Germany, France, Ireland, England, Serbia, Montenegro, Japan, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Greek, Slovakia, Hungary, India, Bangla Desh, Pakistan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bulgaria and Ghana.

Examples of productions basically connected to the cultural sector and authorities

Japan. As representative musician and artistic director for the municipality of Oslo, chamber concerts in Tokyo 1993 and as flute soloist in Tokyo Kokaido/TV Asahi with the New Japan Symphony in 1994.

Oslo, from 1993, at the Town hall and various arenas. Sønning has been artistic director for cultural programs initiated by the municipality of Oslo during the winter Olympic 1994, the Gala performances connected to the Liberation Jubilee 1995, the stages performances/pedagogical presentations of the visual art showing history on the walls at the Town hall 1997, the Nobel ceremony at the Town hall in 2002 invited from the Nobel Institute and later on up to the last years active in series of integrated programs connected to special events as state visits, Innovation week, World trade center and Business for peace.

Germany 1997 SMP/ Andreas Sønning was artistic director for the representative Oslo – Akershus programs in Schleswig Holstein connected to “Schwerpunkt Norwegen” in Germany. 12 different programs across genres presenting the cultural – historical links between Norway and Germany. 1998 Chamber concerts with Håvard Gimse.

Agder-Norway. From 2000 to 2008, Sønning was artistic director for a regional concert series in the Agder counties, in Norway called Nordiske sommernetter, (from 2009 called Sørlandske sommernetter with new leaders) See the programs 2001 -2008. http://www.nordiskesommernetter.no/index.php?expand=11&show=11&topmenu_2=11 http://www.nordiskesommernetter.no/index.php?expand=79&show=79&topmenu_2=13 The goals were both artistic and strategic for the region; - to develop new public stage performances with international artists and integrate them as high profiled meeting places across sectors of the society. After the development through 9 years, they had 18 businesses, 8 municipalities, 2 counties and 1 university behind the project.

France. From 2007 Sønning has been artistic director for Norwegian - French campaigns with a number of concerts in Paris, Lille and Toulouse. A number of premiers of new pieces has been a key part these programs. From 2008 – to 2011 Sønning was artistic director for the festival MusikAToulouse in cooperation with Pierre Bleuse, solo violinist, orchestra leader and conductor, as artistic director for the French side.

For all the productions in France, SMP/Sønning has been fortunate to be integrated in Norwegian - French programs combining different sectors, as culture, authorities and businesses. Our partners have been several concert houses, theatres, galleries, Toulouse Chamber Orchestra, a number of musicians, actors, conductors, composers, the Norwegian Embassy in Paris, the Norwegian Ministry for foreign affairs, Innovation Norway, different research & development programs for universities and businesses, Air Traffic Management Europe, Norwegian and French Space center and the Information Technology- Health sector.  See www.musikatoulouse.fr From 2014 SMP/Sønning has co-operated with the French - Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in connection with their annual cultural programs in Oslo.

USA-Washington DC. From 2012 SMP / Sønning has worked with cultural institutions in DC. This started with a special invitation to Sønning from The National Gallery of Arts, NGA, represented by music director Stephen Ackert. For the celebration of Edvard Munch 2013 (Born 1863) they looked for a stage production including Munch` s paintings and texts. January 6. 2013 Sønning directed a Norwegian Gala performance at the grand auditorium at the NGA. The second part was the premiere of a 35 minutes flute concerto inspired from the Munch`s freeze of life series of paintings. The composer was Kjell Habbestad and Sønning was flute soloist.

On this background, Sønning received an honorable invitation to do a Norwegian –American gala performance art The Kennedy Center of Performing art. The new production included premiers of two new works by the composers Kjetil Bjerkestrand and   Kjell Habbestad. The performance was done at the Terrace Theater at the Millennium Stage, the Kennedy Center of Perming Arts October 8. 2015. The printed program and the total stage performance can be seen at the Millennium Stage archives: http://www.kennedy-center.org/video/index/M6505

For all activities in DC, we have had the pleasure of receiving substantial advice and support from the Royal Norwegian embassy in Washington DC. Partners for the Gala at October 8. 2015 are the Kennedy Center of performing arts covering all the internal production costs, Statoil, the Kongsberg group, Jiffy International in addition to the Royal Norwegian embassy.

Examples of productions connected to cultural programs between culture and business/industry

The Telenor culture program provides integrated programs in 13 countries, for the time being. A main goal is to mirror Telenor` competence in technical communication with stage performances showing respectful cooperation and communication across artistic genres and expressions, social and ethnical boarders. SMP /Sønning is artistic director for annual productions as Grand Gala performance at the Oslo Concert hall connected to the ceremony for the Telenor cultural prize award, Christmas Concerts throughout Norway, various integrated interludes and various productions combining artists and cultural institutions from the different countries were Telenor works. http://www.frabreddetiltopp.no/kultur/telenors-kulturprogram/ http://www.telenor.com/no/om-oss/kunst-og-kultur/kulturprogram/

Nordea` s cultural program. 2008 - SMP/Andreas Sønning provides annual Gala performances, Christmas concerts and various integrated stage performances.

Total E&P Norway AS. From 1997 - SMP has provided Norwegian – French annual stage performances as Concerts at Holmenkollen Chapel and integrated cultural interludes at the gala dinner at Saga hall, Holmenkollen park Hotel, occasionally in Stavanger and at Le Grand sale at Hotels des Invalides in Paris. We have also worked with the French Norwegian Chamber of Commerce for cultural programs.

Norsk Hydro; 1997 -2005. Various formal and informal productions.

The musician: Andreas Sønning has from 1987 successfully toured as a flute soloist and chamber musician in Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine, Central Europe, The Balkans, Japan, France and the U. S. A. Several prominent composers have dedicated works to him and he is honored with several grants from public and private bodies.

Academia Andreas Sønning is associate professor at The Norwegian Academy of music, (From 1987-96 at Østlandets musikkonservatorium). He has been guest lecturer and sensor at the University of Oslo 1987 – 2007 and other Norwegian Universities. He has lectured and lead workshops at universities and conservatories in all the Scandinavian countries, Finland, Germany, Holland, England and Ireland. He is regularly visiting professor to CIT, Business and Humanities, Cork Ireland and Solent Southampton University.

1989-1997: Nordic networks in Denmark and Sweden, The East Norway Music Conservatory/The Norwegian Academy of Music, Gothenburg University, Malmø University, Conservatories in Aarhus and Esbjerg.

2010-2012 Lectured and participated in structuring EU network called Towards Creative Entrepreneurship, from 2013 - European Creative Futures including CIT School of Music/CIT Crawford Academy of Fine Arts, CIT School of Business, Cork Ireland, Solent Southampton University, Utrecht University for Applied Sciences and The Norwegian Academy of Music.

2015 – Oslo based network for Musical Entrepreneurship including The Norwegian Academy of Music, University of Oslo and BI Norwegian Business School.

2015. Lecture/ Academic talk at the Phillips Collection, Washington DC. "Music and Art Entrepreneurship: Creative Voices DC" Oct. 7 http://www.norway.org/News_and_events/Embassy/Phillips-Collection-Panel-Discussion-Music-and-Art-Entrepreneurship-Creative-Voices-DC-Oct-7/#.VhvZ4vntlBc

This panel discusses how performing and visual artists are increasingly challenging traditional models of arts patronage and building sustainable careers by creating socially engaged work in collaboration with community partners. At the same time, art institutions and schools provide forums to experience such works as well as training for artists to collaborate with businesses and community stakeholders.

Subjects at the Norwegian Academy of music:

Music Performance and Communication Skills, MPCS Concert production; Dramaturgy
Creative, cultural entrepreneurship, with focus on music and live stage performances as "products and services".

R&D: Dramaturgical analyzes – regarding combinations of artistic and entrepreneurial challenges.

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Website: www.nmh.no

Interests/Activities: Weekly football (soccer) and squash.








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